Lumini is a relaxing flow adventure game in which you take control over a swarm of innocent little creatures called lumini. After being gone for thousands of years, the balance on their home planet has shifted. With their return, the lumini find themselves in a hostile environment from which you need to keep them safe. On this journey you'll need to find out what happened in the past while trying to restore the balance on their planet. Using their special bond with the planet's energy, the lumini can replenish their swarm to replace their fallen comrades. Evolving their kind into an ever adapting and stronger species.

"It turned out to be a restful flying fish experience [...] mostly I just enjoyed the exploration and movement."

- Rock Paper Shotgun

"It already shows the potential to be an engaging action/adventure game."


"Lumini - the most relaxing game you'll play this week"

- Gamezebo

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